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Faithful Friends Portraits - Beautiful pet portraits, animal art and wildlife paintings in acrylic by Nicky Jones

Nicky Jones  -  Animal Artist / Wildlife Artist / Botanical Artist

Covering a wide range of subjects including Animal Art, Pet Portraiture, Animal Portraits,

Animal Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art, Nature Art, Bird Art, Miniature Art,

Botanical Art, Floral Paintings



Please find below a selection of original photos with the finished portrait.  If you would

like to see any other examples, please let me know.



                                                                    Original Photo                                                                  Finished Portrait


Jet's original photo         Jet's finished portrait.  The angle of the pose has been altered slightly, the ears have been lifted to give a more alert expresssion, and the muzzle painted less grey.



Rosie's original photo         Rosie's finished portrait.  The angle has been altered slightly, the ears brought together a little, and the eyes widened, to give a less sleepy look



                                                                                                                 Rowanne's original photo         Rowanne's finished portrait



                                                                                                                Ellie's original photo         Ellie's finished portrait with tear stain removed



Mitzie's original photo         Mitzie's finished portrait



                                                                                                                 Ash Brook Lad's original photo         Ash Brook Lad's finished portrait, with colouring of cheek and neck colour changed to be the same as the surrounding area



Phoebe's original photo         Phoebe's finished portrait



Ronnie and Reggie's original photos         Ronnie and Reggie's finished portrait with Ronnie's pose altered slightly



                                                                                                                 Jubi's original photo         Jubi's finished portrait



Bailey's original photo       Bailey's finished portrait

(Visit the Creating Your Portrait page to view each stage from start to finish in creating Bailey's portrait)



Copyright Nicky Jones, Pet and Animal Portrait Artist 1996-2013.  All artwork on this site is protected by copyright law

and  may not be copied, downloaded or used without permission from the artist.  All rights reserved worldwide.


57 Selwyn Crescent, Radley, Oxon, UK   Tel (01235) 529895



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